Looking for Experts

Are you an expert in a business related area?

We want to build a lot of business related content for our site and want to speak to anyone who can help. The upside is that you will get exposure to a fast growing community. Our primary market is online entrepreneurs including authors, coaches, consultants and speakers as well as a big range of offline businesses as well.

We have opportunities:

1. Be interviewed on our podcast channel ] “Evolvepreneur” . fill out the form here ]
2. Write some blogs ] for us that can include a call to action for your products or services
3. Offer a paid or freecourse. ]
4. Promote our membership and courses and receive a referral commission. ]
5. Become involved as a speaker or sponsor in our upcoming Evolvepreneur Summit at the end of March 2017
6. List yourself for free in our Business Directory ]

In the first instance email ideas@evolveyourbusiness.com.au and let us know where you would like to help.