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Francine R Tone




Grit through Life
What do you love to do? How do you love to spend your time? Therein lies your passion. Are you pursuing your passion in life and in business? Are you enjoying the process as much as you are excited about reaching a goal? How much time and energy are you spending pursuing that passion? Are you satisfied with the return you receive from your efforts in business and life?
​Do you want to do what you love, face the challenges, pursue your passions relentlessly and reap the rewards from competing with yourself?
​I love challenges and I love to spend time with other people who love challenges and who tap into the strength within to pursue what they love relentlessly, always improving what they have already done. I call the staying power needed GRIT.
​Whether I’m representing a client in a legal case, pursuing an athletic goal in skiing, SUP or surfing, writing a book, training others or helping someone find balance in life, GRIT is at the center of all I do.
The LAWYER.  Francine R. Tone is a lawyer, licensed to practice law in the State of California and is the managing partner of the law firm of Tone & Tone, Attorneys at Law. She is also an Appellate Law Specialist, certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. She has also sat as a judge pro tem for almost 20 years.
The ATHLETE.  Francine learned to ski in 1983.  Although passionate about skiing, it remained a recreational activity for 17 years. Serendipitously, she was hired to a be a ski instructor in 2000. Despite being over 40, she embraced the rigors of training and obtained the highest level of certification as a ski instructor and has gone on to become a top trainer at a top ski resort in California.
The WIFE & MOTHER.  Francine has been married to her husband Jeffry, who has been her law partner since the day she became a lawyer.  In 2001, Francine’s son, an Air Force instructor pilot on his way to becoming a fighter pilot, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. The doctors told her that he would be a vegetable the rest of his life. When she refused to accept the prognosis, the doctors continued to counsel her, worried that she was being unrealistic. Her response, “if my son hasn’t changed at all in 2 years, I will deal with that then. But today, I choose to know that he will recover.”  With her usual Grit, Francine began the mission toward recovery.  Against all odds, her son has fully recovered.

Francine R Tone

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