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Frank Genovesi




I suppose I’m a bit different as I’m a financial planner, accountant/tax agent and a real estate sales representative whom however simply can’t stand playing the game like the rest!

This came about after having devoted myself for many years to figuring out a unique way for Australians to run any home business they liked thus enabling them to enjoy serious tax advantages at every stage and in thereby making for themselves a better life on many fronts whereas the various professional advice industries I’m connected to just don’t get it … oh well!

Then some years ago I wrote to Australia’s Tax Practitioners Board to inquire on its position of whether or not it was ok for me to publicly state that I am Australia’s sole expert and trainer to both end-users as well other professionals in my field and The Board wrote back stating that my conduct in question had NOT breached the tax agent’s professional code of conduct (which requires a registered tax agent to act with honesty, integrity and competence), so I’ll take that as a win.


Frank Genovesi

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