What is Internet Marketing & How is it Different from Traditional Marketing?

Marketing has been around for a long time now. In fact, traders have been using marketing to attract customers for several centuries now. However, like everything else, marketing has come a long way since then and evolved to such an extent that the entire dynamics of marketing have changed.

Today, the marketing methods being used have improved and are more efficient than ever before. It is now quite simple for a business to get its message across to its target audience. The purpose of marketing remains the same, i.e. convince people to perform a desired action, which is usually buying a product. However, the methods of pulling this off have evolved and a lot of subtlety has entered the fray.

While print marketing ruled the roost for decades in the past, visual marketing took off with the advent of television. Even that seems to be a thing of the past now since digital marketing dominates the field. People spend more time online than they do watching TV or reading the newspaper. Therefore, the internet is the new battleground for marketers.

For any business to succeed in the current milieu, using internet marketing is a must. Before you learn how to use internet marketing in the following chapters, you may need a thorough introduction to internet marketing and a comparison between it and traditional marketing methods and techniques.

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