Introducing Andrew Henderson who In 2008 started researching the best places in the world to live, do business, and invest based on his father’s prescient words: “go where you’re treated best”.  

He then started Nomad Capitalist to share what I was doing. 

Since then, he has:

- Legally reduced my global tax rate from 43% to 1%
- Obtained multiple second citizenships
- Purchased personal and investment real estate in five countries
- Spent time in 100+ countries in search of freedom and opportunity
- … and more. My goal is to help entrepreneurs like myself keep more of their own money, build their freedom, and create wealth faster.

Andrew help six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs create a Nomad Strategy that lets them keep more of their own money, create wealth faster, and build a global lifestyle in just three steps:

Financial Planning. We use stuff like offshore companies, foreign bank accounts, and totally legal tax strategies to give you more cash. (Some people nearly double their income.)

Citizenship Planning. Ensure your long-term success with a second residence visa in another country, and a second citizenship as your business insurance policy.

Investment Planning. With all the money you’ve saved, you can re-invest in your business, profitable overseas real estate, or even gold and silver in a super-secret vault.

Discover Andrew's journey to entrepreneurship and how he helps people to  “go where you’re treated best”.  

To find out more about Andrew visit his Evolvepreneur Profile here

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