Welcome to Evolvepreneur Podcast Channel and my very special guest today is Victoria Vives Khuong who is the International bestselling Author of “In a Matter of Seconds”, healing and shamanism teacher, spiritual leader, and host of the Divine Sexuality podcast. She has helped thousands of women around the world to access greater fulfillment in their lives and help others do the same through energy healing and spirituality. Victoria emphasizes Divine Sexuality as the most powerful philosophy she teaches because it is at the foundation of femininity and womanhood. Divine Sexuality facilitates women's ability to positively relate to their bodies, to their partners and to their sexuality. Divine Sexuality provides solutions for women who feeling depleted, unappreciated, or without the bandwidth to practice self-care after a day of continuous demands at work. It provides a framework from which women can talk about and resolve emotional issues related to body image issues, unresolved trauma, and negative conditioning.

Some of the highlights of Victoria's life includes: 

  • Going from $14 in her pocket to owning 2 houses.
  • From poverty, abuse and racism to being one of the first black faces in prime time television in Spain
  • Performing/composing/choreographing for the Olympic Games Candidacy
  • Singing her songs in front of 10K people, performing for 50K live, and much more.


  • Growing up in Spain and being one of the first black faces in television in Spain
  • Almost homeless in LA
  • The dangers  and pitfalls of partnerships
  • Reiki,Sound healing, crystal healing and shamanism
  • Release of new podcast Divine Sexuality 
  • The move to Online Classes
  • Great branding is essential 

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