Welcome to the Evolvepreneur Podcast Channel. My very special guest today is Nick Jonsson.

Nick is the Co-Founder and MD of one of Asia's premier networking organizations called  "Executives' Global Network". He built a caring community that provides hundreds of executives a safe haven to share their challenges, and receive support and learn from each other.  Nick is also a #1 Best Selling Author of "Executive Loneliness". Executive loneliness is an incredibly serious condition and, in some cases, fatal, as Nick explains in this book.

Some key topics covered in this episode include:

  • In 2019 you started raising awareness on the invisible struggle faced by many executives around the globe, which is executive loneliness. What were your inspirations to propel this awareness campaign?
  • How is executive loneliness different to everyday loneliness that any of us may experience?
  • What unique insights and discoveries have you uncovered in the process of exploring this issue?
  • In your opinion, where we can go from here: What are some of the things that are working? What are the things that could work better? At a personal level? At an organizational level?

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