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My very special guest today is Mario Bekes, who is the Managing Director of Insight Intelligence Group Mario Bekes, ex-military and diplomatic security-intelligence services specialist and now best-selling author. He experienced continuous 1800 combat days, from life in communism and fight for democracy, ambassador and activists for humanity. Mario’s goal is to show you how to conduct a successful investigation in the workplace.

This will include workers compensation claims, internal or external theft and as well how to protect your reputation and to analyse your competitors. In his experience, there is nothing worse than worrying about how the investigation is conducted and how this investigation will impact the company’s reputation with the additional loss of customers and to how to manage whistleblowers.

Over the past 30 years, he has conducted various types of investigation in government sectors, department of defence, department of foreign affairs, corporate and insurance sector in Australia and overseas applying his knowledge, expertise, academic research and training in investigative intelligence and investigative-interviewing techniques. With proven investigative techniques and strategies from our analytical internal systems, you can stop worrying about the next investigation, insurance claim, intellectual property theft, industrial espionage and whistleblowers in your organisation.

Mario's main areas of expertise are:

  • Investigation and Interrogations
  • Competitive Business Intelligence (espionage)
  • Information Risk Management (Misinformation/Disinformation)

In this episode, we discuss the following topics:

  • How difficult it was for Mario, with a language barrier in the way, to start a business, his lessons learned, and why he didn't give up
  • The key ingredient for success in business
  • Fraud and Cyber Security—why is it so successful?

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