Jason Fladlien and AJ Roberts are about to take the stage for the LAST session of their training series, Live Stream System.
And the topic today is scaling your webinars.
They're going to dive into the power of automation.

And boy is it powerful.

91 percent of webinar users agree that pre-recording video for webinars saves them time and energy.

And people who DO what they're going to discuss in today's webinar...well they generate more income. Which means they can take that extra vacation, or splurge on that fancy dinner, or not have to stress about their kid's college tuition

They also get longer viewing times, leading to more customer loyalty. 

And most importantly, they get their time back, allowing them to focus their energy on the things they're passionate about.

So starting at 11 am PST, AJ and Jason will be peeling back the curtain and showing you how to do this.

Watch them teach it free, here 

Like I told you, this is free to attend today. 

If you can't make the exact time, they ARE offering a 24-hour replay.
But after 24 hours, it will be gone. And ONLY people who register will even get access to the replay. 
That's why you should register right now https://johnnorth.krtra.com/r/a/9MReUQ11aTbZ4

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