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Podcast Strategies: How to Podcast - 21 Questions Answered

by Paul Colligan

ASIN: 1484953940

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Imagine this: your media / your content automatically delivered to the smartphone, television and iPod (or iPad) of your audience, with no one standing between you and them.

You've got a show and it arrives, automatically, every time you release something new. You are "the Media."

The Internet just got bigger.

Forget Google. Your content can be delivered to Apple iPhones, streamed to Visio Blu-ray players, viewed on Sony televisions, and listened to on BMW car stereos. Your audience can now consume your content when and where they want: at the gym, on their daily commute, on an international flight and on their living room couch. 

Podcasting makes it all possible - and I know your message is worth Podcasting.

My history with Podcasting is a long one. Once the tech (invented by Adam Curry and Dave Winer) made possible the syndicated distribution of media over the Internet - I've never looked back. I don't believe you will either (especially by the time you are done with this book).

When my audience automatically receives my content (at the time and place of their choosing), everything changes. Podcasting has helped me get my message out to more people than I ever could have imagined, with less effort than I could have dreamed, for more profit than anyone would have guessed.

It's been a wild ride.

I love Podcasting and it is a big part of my business. I have published hundreds of episodes (for myself and others), taught a half-dozen courses to hundreds of students, and published another book on the topic before anyone knew what an iPhone was.

About this book ...

Over the years, I get asked many of the same questions over and over. Questions such as ...

* What is a Podcast? Is Podcasting audio only?
* Why is Podcasting the "next big thing" again? What has changed
* Why should I Podcast? * What equipment and/or software do I need to make a Podcast? 
* How do I make money from my Podcast? 
* and more ...

In this book I answer those questions and 16 others. It was designed to be a fast read with no fluff.

You are ready to get to work and the answer to these questions is obviously step #1.

When done you should be able to take this information and plot your own Podcast Strategies (hence the title).