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Curbside Service, Change the Way You and Your Horse Think About Each Other

by Lauren Woodard


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In Curbside Service: Change the Way You and Your Horse Think about Each Other, trainer Lauren Woodard teaches riders how to hone their skills, timing, and finesse in order to sharpen their instincts and produce better horsemanship. Part horse psychology, part human strategy, this equine guide demystifies common misconceptions on how to handle and approach a horse. Meticulously scripted, it gets to the heart of the matter on page one and never loses sight of its purpose. With chapter titles like “Whys and Safety” and “Show, Ask, Allow,” the author provides readers with the template and the touchstone to become better and more attuned horsepersons. The goal is to have Curbside Service, which is the horse’s back at your knees when you step up on something. The concepts involved in mastering this skill lead to a good, fun, and safe ride, each and every time the horse is saddled.