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Sex & Happiness - The Tantric Laws of Intimacy

by Laurie Handlers


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In this book Tantra yoga is explained by a true Tantra goddess. Laurie's take on Tantra, Tantric sex and how they relate to intimacy will have you laughing and possibly crying - you will definitely look within. You may even find a way to transform your relationships in the process. That's what Tantra is all about according to Sex & Happiness author Handlers. Tantra = transformation through pleasure!

"Terrific! A great time. Growth and awareness, kindled by Laurie's wisdom and sense of humor, await you." - Dr Judy Kuriansky, author: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex

"SEX & HAPPINESS puts the innocence an love back into sex and gives Tantra the respect it deserves in the West. Take charge of your life - emotionally, physically and spiritually. A wonderful meditation on the self." - Alan Steinfeld, producer/host: New Realities TV

"Authentic! Handlers offers you a priceless opportunity to 'grow your love' in a playful way. Her down to earth style captures the depth and profundity of Tantra. SEX & HAPPINESS will make you smile inside!" - Cynthia Taylor Lamborne, owner: Nectar Products, Tantric Tools for Sexual Healing

Excerpts from Sex and Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy

"Even after listing sexual expansion techniques, I would still say, "Come to the bedroom with no expectations, but rather with openness in your heart for whatever happens." And you would probably say, "Yeah, well, if I could do that I wouldn't need to read this book, now would I?" And you would be right. This whole book is about regaining the unguarded openness of your heart and bringing it to sex.

Have you heard the Zen expression, beginner's mind? It's a way of being in the world like everything in it is new. There is no expectation, no pain from a history of hurts and humiliations. Everything is experienced from an alert yet unguarded place. It's a fresh, open, childlike state of mind. Practicing Tantra is one path to this clear, childlike place, but it doesn't just happen.

It takes work and training to come back to the open and loving place that is our natural state, because there's so much grief and rage to be dealt with between now and then, so much shame and guilt, and so many ideas about how we should be in love, in relationship, and in sex." "Intimacy with someone else requires, first and foremost, coming to peace with your own emotional and physical life. This is not a small task, but it is a crucial one. It takes time and courage and forgiveness, coming from you to you.

If you want a love affair that is sexually electric and truly intimate, you have to begin by unblocking and unleashing the sex force that is already inside you and learning to feel safe expressing it, in whatever way feels right to you. In order to do that, fear and rage and grief - feelings that you've learned to resist - have to be acknowledged and cleared out on a regular basis, and that alone can be one heck of a ride.

What I'm trying to say is that this whole process is going to take time. It's going to take some time, a lot of tolerance, and a lot of deep breathing. Fasten your seatbelt and settle in for the ride."

The chapters are based on the Ten Tantric Laws of Intimacy Laurie Handlers has taught in her Ecstasy Advanced Tantra course. They are:

Law 1: Be Your Own Witness
Law 2: Please Yourself
Law 3: Practice Emotional Release
Law 4: Honor Your Anger
Law 5: Speak Your Truth
Law 6: Set Your Boundaries
Law 7: Look in the Mirror of Your Beloved
Law 8: Practice Full Contact Confrontation
Law 9: Surrender
Law 10: Make Love in the Unknown

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