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Overcoming Life's Obstacles

by Stephanie Lahart


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Overcoming Life’s Obstacles is as real as it gets. This book was written for people who TRULY want a change in their lives. If you like the truth, and you can handle the truth, then this book is for you! The author doesn’t sugar-coat anything. Stephanie Lahart discusses various topics about life that will encourage the reader to look at “what is” and face their truth head-on.

Facing and accepting the truth can sometimes be a difficult task to overcome. With that being said, allow yourself to experience every emotion that you may feel while reading this book, and know that it’s okay to do so.

You will be intrigued as you read passages such as: I Made It, No Longer, Until You Get Enough, I’m Staying for the Kids, Give Me a Chance, Never Felt Love, and SO much more!

Overcoming Life’s Obstacles is unlike any other book on the market. Why? Because Stephanie Lahart doesn’t shy away from topics that many others like to stay away from. She understands that people from all walks of life have experienced many of the things that she’s written about. She also understands that nobody is exempt from the things that life can sometimes throw our way.

Face YOUR truth and heal. Face YOUR truth and move forward. Face YOUR truth and become a better person. Face YOUR truth and be completely free and happy within. Face YOUR truth and live YOUR best life! You owe it to yourself because you are valuable. Yes you are!

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