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Black Belt Excellence: 9 SECRETS Reveal the Truth About Family Martial Arts Training (The Black Belt Excellence Series)

by Master Phil Nguyen


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Discover the 9 Secrets of Black Belt Excellence in Choosing a Great Family Martial Arts School. Black Belt Excellence is a metaphor for you achieving personal excellence at home, school, work, and your community.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training for Families:

*Shy Kids Become Super-CONFIDENT.

*HYPER Kids Gain CONTROL Of Their Energy And Emotions.

*Girls With Low SELF-ESTEEM Turn Into SELF-ASSURED Young Women.

*Boys With Low SELF-CONFIDENCE Turn Into SUCCESSFUL Young Men.


*OUT-OF-SHAPE Dads Get Into The BEST SHAPE Of Their Life.

*A Student With DOWN Syndrome Who UP-Lift Our Spirits.

*Students From SINGLE-Parent Homes Who DOUBLE Up Their Efforts In Class.

*ORDINARY People Accomplish EXTRAORDINARY Things They Never Thought Possible Themselves.

Learn how the entire family can benefit from a martial arts mindset to live life to the fullest.

Please share your views by leaving a comment on Amazon and then share this wisdom with your social networks. The Black Belt Excellence Book is a must-have in everybody's library. I bow to the awesomeness in you! ~ Master Phil Nguyen, 7th Degree Black Belt

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