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War on Waste Innovation: Encyclopedia of Terms, Phrases and Concepts (War on Waste Series Book 2)

by Leonard Bertain


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Can you imagine an employee of your company coming up with an idea that has a 38 to 1 ROI? Or better yet, can you imagine all of them doing so? This book lays out the terms, phrases and concepts that are used in creating the Culture of Innovation that follows the War on Waste. These are the terms that your employees will learn as the participate in the War on Waste. They terms are learned as the Culture of Innovation evolves to achieve the phenomenal results of the typical War on Waste program. A 38 to 1 ROI on the audited results of 23 companies that participated in the program. Over 150 companies have already seen these results. The author defines new terms like the "5/67 Rule," and the "120/20 Rule of Profits." He defines new concepts like how the War on Waste aligns strategy with process. And he explains new phrases like, "Chalking the field," and tools like "Yes/No Charts" and "World Record Reports." It is a must read for any CEO, new or experienced.