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Premium!: How Experts Just Like You Are Charging Premium Rates For What They Know And You Can Too!

by Rob Cuesta


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Making more money in business comes down to three things: selling more products and services, to more people, for more money. This book focuses one one aspect of that triad: selling for more money.

If you are a ‘professional expert’ - a coach, consultant, accountant, lawyer, dentist, or in any other field where you make your living by selling your advice, your experience and your expertise - then you will learn powerful techniques to help you command the top fees in your field.

Think about it: what difference would it make to you, your family and your staff, if you were able to double your fees or more? And if doing so actually meant you got more clients rather than fewer?

In this book you’ll find out how to make cheap wine taste like a million dollars, why you shouldn’t let your mum set your fees, and how to get other people to drink boiled cat poo - all in the interest of helping YOU make more MONEY.

The biggest paradigm driving this book is that you've given up control of your prices. You're letting everyone from your old employer to your biggest competitor tell you how much to charge, and it's time to TAKE BACK CONTROL!

Rob will show you which products and services will get you the highest fees, how to bring in more clients at high fees than you used to get at low fees, and why charging the market rate is THE WORST THING you can do for your business.

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