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Hot Seat Conversations ...: Get Noticed, Get Tips, Get Going

by Carrie Hartunian Smith


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Maximize your time on the Hot Seat!

Hear first hand from amazing experts who are knocking it out of the park in their business after experiencing a Live Event Hot Seat.

Each expert takes you through each phase of their Hot Seat: pre, during, and post. You'll hear details from the on stage experience and learn how implementing even just a few pieces of feedback made all the difference in their personal and professional lives.

You'll hear the story of one man who had to borrow gas money to get there and then slept in his car during the event, while his wife and small children stayed at home in their house awaiting forclosure. His business turned around dramatically after his Hot Seat, and he's now closing deals upwards of $350K.

When attending a Mike Koenigs Live Event, the competition for Hot Seat positions is fierce, so its important to understand the entire process so you can be considered for one of these coveted positions!

With the space availbility limited for Live Event Hot Seat limited at Mike Koenigs Live Events, its really important to understand the benefits of participating so you can properly apply and be chosen for one of these conveted positions

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