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Team of One: Get the Sales Results of a Full Time Sales Team Without Actually Having One

by David Traub


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What if there were proven, practical and easy to implement strategies to help you get more and better prospects, spend less time with tire kickers and get more people to take action on your offer than every before without being pushy or salesy? How would it impact your business if you could double or even triple your sales results… all without having to hire and manage a sales team?

As a business owner, a coach, consultant or independent professional, you are essentially your own sales team. Since you also have the responsibility of running your business and delivery results for your clients it’s critical that you make the most of all of your sales efforts.

In Team of One you’ll learn what specifically the top 20% of all sales people do differently that get them great results. By implementing those secrets you’ll be able to out perform most sales people even though only a portion of your time is spent on selling. It’s like getting the results of a full time sales team without actually having one.