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Let Your Emotional Intelligence Do The Talking!: The 17 Skills Necessary for Performance Leadership with Your Boss, Family, Team, or Anyone Else Who Is Important to YOUR Transformational Life Goals

by Miguel A. de Jesús


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A cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence is understanding what your emotional triggers are and where they came from, so you can modify or neutralize them. You want to be a good leader and set a good example both at home and at work.

That is why we first focus on self-awareness, digging deeply into who you really are at the core, and finding out how you got that way. That’s all becoming self-aware truly is … getting to know who really are.

Next we explore how to manage your emotions, followed by increasing your social awareness skills, and introducing you to skills for building and maintaining a successful social or business relationship.

You’re going to peel back the layers of the onion one at a time and discover things that will impress you about yourself as well as discover things that might surprise you that you’re not so happy about.

As you learn more and more about yourself, you can gradually take control of your emotions and therefore your life. Your relationships will improve as will your work environment.