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Reach Your Perfect Audience: Leverage the Power of Facebook Advertising to Target Your Ideal Customer

by Dave Pittman


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Facebook is the largest, most dominant social networking platform with over 1.3 billion active monthly users worldwide, and 864 million users connecting every single day. If you are an entrepreneur, professional, business owner of any type, industry, or size, or have an online venture of any kind (blogger, artist, information marketer, product creator, app developer) no other platform gives you the power to connect, engage, influence and target your prospects and customers and reach more people, on more devices than anywhere else.

And, Facebook comes with an incredibly powerful set of targeting capabilities that are unmatched by any other advertising platform, allowing you to create highly selective and targeted campaigns, customizing ads to specific segments of your market, and help you ultimately reach your perfect audience.

The three primary objectives of this book are:

1. To make the case for paid advertising in today’s marketing environment, and why relying on free traffic strategies alone is neither sufficient nor effective if you want to maximize results in a short amount of time.

2. Answer the question “Why Facebook?” as an advertising platform, and why you can no longer afford to ignore it, no matter what business you’re in

3. Dive deep into what truly sets Facebook apart — audience targeting — and how you can use this to define your ideal market, tailor your message, and harness Facebook’s power to grow your customers, sales, and profits.

We explore Facebook’s audience selection options in depth, including location and demographics, interests, behaviors, connections, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and retargeting. We also cover powerful market research strategies to help you define and identify your perfect customer.

There is no better platform right now than Facebook to get your products, services, and message in front of your perfect audience, and to use paid advertising as the medium to accelerate and maximize your reach.

It’s time to UNLEASH the power of Facebook advertising to get more fans, leads, prospects, customers, and sales to grow your business and profits!