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Your Sleep: Wake Up Refreshed!: How to Reduce Pain, Lose Weight, Stop Snoring, and Get Healthy from the Promise of a Better Night's Sleep

by Roger Sramek


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How, in these modern times, do we find ourselves to be a nation in which some 230 million of us are overweight or obese, 100 million suffer from chronic pain, over 75 million of us are habitual snorers, 100 million women are getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night with 94 million Americans getting less than 6 hours. These numbers add up to a sleep-related, national disaster which is threatening our individual health, our access to affordable medical care, the very length and enjoyment of our lives and our nation’s productivity. In this book, you will learn:
•What sleep is, and how much you need
•How too little sleep threatens your health, longevity, productivity and relationships
•Steps you can take to get the best, uninterrupted sleep
•How to deal with sleep impediments you may have