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THE HIGHLY PAID HELP // Unedited & Unpolished - Before The Aftermath: Apparently, all you just a PA (Note - This Book Version is a Test Edition. ... Written with a (Before & After Format) 1)

by Penelope Mohoto-Sebilwane


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The rise of the executive assistant from humble secretarial duties in a pencil skirt to becoming the ultimate assistant who ascends behind every leader to hold her own at the top of the commercial food chain may seem a far fetched dream. That is until you meet celebrity assistant, talent coordinator & career stylist : Penelope Mohoto-Sebilwane

She had the audacity to build a six-figure career as an assistant - a testimony candidly laid within pages of The Highly Paid Help, an un-edited version before the aftermath of majorly landing a British Media & Lifestyle investor who optioned the rights of this book to establish an HQ in South Africa, which opens its business doors under the leadership of Penelope, as its Chief of Staff.

For nearly a decade she concealed her profession as an EA turned celebrity assistant to family and friends. Assistants are often assigned a bottom-of-the-foodchain persona with no ambition and she could not bare being seen in that light. Nobody could ever have thought of her that way, except some of the socially indocrinated colleagues she met over the years.

She thought, how could those around her understand her decision to abandon marketing & event planning to battle corporate corridors as an assistant if they held such isolating and condescending beliefs along with the rest of society.

It is the six - figure attainment road trip she embarked on along her daring way to change the image of the Personal Assistant that forms much of the pages of the book. Her experience defies everything we have heard, and all the limitations we perceive and bestow upon Personal Assistants and Executive PA.

Getting published became a way to come out of the self imposed closet much of her career has been confined in. A feat she once imagined unattainable because who in their right mind takes wisdom from Personal Assistants - right! That limitation was shattered when she came across "Be The Ultimate Assistant" - authored by another pioneering celebrity assistant, Bonnie Low-Karmen.

If you aim to end up commanding top dollar as an assistant, one simply cannot afford to subscribe to the status quo. Penelope shows in this documentation of her experience, (mixed with her career vision) takes that are far more than administrative tasks.

Pregnant with insights, hard-earned lessons, taking from years in the industry and a rhobust personal road trip to transcend the stereotype that comes with the role of the assistant, she now lives to change how assistants dream. An unknown happy ever after.

With this material - here's to the next generation of empowered Executive Assistants, Celebrity Assistants, Receptionists, Office Managers, Secretaries and PA Professionals.

NOTE: Final Edit Due For Release 2016 / 2017