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Stop Giving Your Power Away: What Every Woman Should Know

by Fonda Clayton


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Women are the life's breath of the human race. Yet, we have shame around our bodies and are often disconnected from them. We are mind, body and spirit and are not having a full experience as a human being if we are disconnected from our bodies. There is a hidden and unspoken burden that we bare.

This book unpacks what it means to be born female in American culture, the biases and stigmas and re-frames how to be and who to be woman on your individual terms. The intent of this book is to stop the self-loathing, tolerance and hiding that girl people do so well. This is a conversation starter with herself to grow a seed inside her soul that sprouts confidence, love and self-support.

Imagine an American society that embraces all of its people not because laws have been passed that dictate that you must, but from a place where woman defines who and what she is. When we do this, our worlds must change individually and the collective changes too.

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