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The 5 Pillars To Financial Victory: Take Control Of Your Life & Your Finances Today

by Samantha Hill

ASIN: B00Q3Z2W34

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The 5 Pillars To Financial Victory mission is to create Spiritual Abundance & Financial Victory in the lives of millions of people all around the world by utilizing Christian Principles, Prosperity Laws & a Unique System that consist of a 12 Week Challenge... Laying The Foundation For Success.

The 5 Pillars To Financial Victory vision is to break Spiritual, Emotional & Financial strong holds through Faith, Education & Commitment based upon Truth... that All Things, not some, but All Things are possible with God in the mighty name of Christ Jesus...

This is not based upon your current level of Education, Past History, Financial Status, Race or Place of Origin... All Those Things Do Not Matter!

The time has come for us to change lives Spiritually and Financially by Uniting & Leveraging the Power of Circulation, Power of Duplication and Power of Multiplication to create a shift in Wealth based upon God's Economy... however, this must be accomplished through Faith, Education & Commitment.

The 5 Pillars To Financial Victory is structured to do just that by building upon a solid foundation... in Seeking The Kingdom Of God 1st & All His Benefits; Embodying Faith, Love, Forgiveness, Grace, Gratitude & Favor; by Sowing Seeds (including a one-time specific seed; by Understanding the Various Aspects of Money and a System based upon Principle & Truth...

Together we have the ability to change many lives Spiritually, to create a shift in Wealth & the Economy that has Never Been Done Before!

Go Ahead & Take The 1st Step To Victory by discovering the 5 Pillars To Financial Victory Today!

Take The Next Step to creating freedom from religious doctrine and myths about money and become enlightened by Samantha as she reveals how there is “Power” in the Body Of Christ that has not been utilized.

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