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LAWYER UP!: 7 Step Guide to Help You Find the Right Attorney for YOUR Needs

by Justine M. Gronwald


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“LAWYER UP!” will help the reader intelligently choose the right attorney for their needs. This book will encourage the reader to exercise due diligence when seeking legal representation as the everyday person does not know the first thing about how to search for and hire an attorney who is skilled and knowledgeable in handling their specific situation.

This book was inspired by, and will reference, the podcast show “Legal Advice in Paradise”. The show’s Creator, Producer and Host, Justine Gronwald, interviews top legal experts to discuss their specialized area of practice and, thereby, the audience is better educated with knowledge of what to expect should they find themselves needing legal representation in that area of law.

Ms. Gronwald experienced her own arduous journey through litigation which lasted four years only to lose in the end. In hindsight, if she had known the right questions to ask while interviewing her attorney for her case, she feels she would have had a different outcome. She aims to bring awareness that there are steps that should be taken before making a decision to hire an attorney.

The podcast’s motto is, “It’s not a matter of IF, but when you will need legal representation.” None of us have crystal balls and, therefore, we need to be prepared.