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Taming the Wild Wild Web - For Parents: Protect Your Family, Identity & Security Online

by Eric D. Groleau


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If you spend enough time online, you will most likely enjoy the amazing opportunities of a connected world very quickly but eventually you might also witness some of the darker aspects of the Internet.

Everyday, unsuspecting people are victims of identity theft, cyber-bullying and online scams. The consequences can range between annoyances to significant issues that may develop into major financial or legal headaches. Careers, reputations and educational paths have been tarnished by over-sharing, mistakes, lack of understanding or errors of judgment.

This book was inspired from in-school presentations and discussions with parents, students, principals and teachers. It is an eye-opener about the new realities of the Wild Wild Web and offers simple suggestions to protect you and your family online.

If you’ve ever struggled with choosing secure passwords, securing social media accounts or monitoring what might be posted about you, your children or your company, this book is a must read.

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