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Cash Flow Secrets: 7 Highly Effective Master Strategies to Grow Your Cash, Build Your Profits, and Create Lasting Business Success

by Sandy Oluwek


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Do You Know the #1 Reason Small Businesses Fail and How You Can Avoid Becoming One of Them?

There are many reasons a business can fail, but in the end they all boil down to just one thing: LACK OF CASH. Whether your marketing isn’t working, or your costs are out of control, or your customers aren’t paying you, or you can’t raise capital, the bottom line is that if your business does not generate sufficient cash flow, it will fail.

Do you have enough ways to consistently grow your business cash flow, so that your business survival is guaranteed?

There are Dozens of Cash Flow Strategies Contained in This Book

CASH FLOW SECRETS was written for the small business owner and anyone else who is responsible for growing a company’s cash. It gives dozens of strategies to bring more cash into the business and keep it from going out again, with implementation case studies from owners just starting out to those at the top of their game.

The strategies are organized into 7 Master Cash Strategies:

(1) growing REVENUES, and
(2) cutting EXPENSES
… to increase profitability on your income statement

(3) squeezing cash from WORKING CAPITAL
(4) using long term ASSETS more efficiently, and
(5) using FINANCING and OPM (other people’s money)
… to grow cash on your balance sheet.

(6) TRACKING, measuring, and forecasting your cash, and
(7) creating a cash MINDSET and cash HABITS
… to prepare a fertile foundation for your cash to grow.

Every Small Business Can Use These Cash Flow Secrets!

Whether you are just starting your business or are well established, whether you are struggling or experiencing rapid growth, you will find strategies in this book that you can implement immediately and for the long term that will increase your cash flow, improve your financial health, and guarantee your business survival.

To Ensure Your Success You'll Receive Valuable Bonuses

>>> Inside this book are links to Free Bonuses including <<<

Bonus 1: The Cash Flow Secrets Matrix – a handy summary of all cash creation strategies in the book
Bonus 2: The Cash Flow Secrets Interviews – audio/video interviews of successful implementation stories
Bonus 3: Cash Flow Secrets Updates – to update you on new ways to create cash plus readers’ success stories.

Plus see the links in the book for other exciting bonuses.

If you are serious about growing your business cash flow, then Buy This Book. I guarantee that you will get at least one idea worth the price, or your investment in this book is on me!