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Healthy Happy Cancer Free: Empower Your Body's Natural Ability to Eliminate Disease, Heal & THRIVE

by Kelly Hansen


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In Healthy Happy Cancer Free, Kelly Hansen, a two-time survivor of late stage breast cancer, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Professional Cancer Coach shares with us not only everything she learned along her personal journey of healing cancer, but years of research into what sets our body up for the best chance at success and even the possibility of a complete recovery, despite what the prognosis might be. Through her own experience with healing and coaching others through the process, she has learned the answer does not lie in the “either/or” arguments or even the search for a “cure,” as our culture would have us believe, but rather through taking a more comprehensive approach which incorporates all modalities and one that is focused on HEALING.

This book is for anyone currently facing cancer and those who love and support them. It is not an “anti-chemo” book or one that expounds on the various conspiracy theories currently popular in this field. The best way to heal cancer is to choose the path that most resonates with you, one you understand and can fully embrace and believe in. That is what this book will help you do. As Kelly guides you through the Ignite Your Inner H.E.A.L.E.R. process, you will come to understand not only how and why cancer has appeared in your life, but discover the best course of action to take to make sure you empower every ounce of your body’s natural ability to eliminate disease and heal so you can get back to your life…and THRIVE!

Our bodies are fascinating machines. Despite our relatively limited understanding of them, one thing we do know is they are inherently programmed and designed to be healthy. So, when illness ensues, especially one as complicated as cancer, this is a sign something has gone incredibly wrong.

Modern or “Western” medicine has proven to be somewhat successful at addressing the problem on the surface with drugs, surgery, radiation and other techniques. Yet, by failing to take a more comprehensive approach and answer the questions, “What went wrong?” and “What might be preventing the body from doing its natural job of eliminating disease and healing?”, this approach not only potentially sets the patient up for other health complications or recurrence at a later point, but entirely misses the greater opportunity of achieving complete healing and sustainable long-term health.

Kelly Hansen, HC, CPCC, ACC is a coach, consultant, lecturer and life transformation counselor in the fields of health; cancer prevention & healing; and self-fulfillment. She has a B.S. from California State University, Chico and an M.S. from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She currently lives in Sedona, Arizona where she enjoys hiking the beautiful red rocks and exploring the "next best things" in healing.

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