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So You Want To Be A Musician?!: Learn the exact steps you must take to become the successful musician you've always dreamed of becoming - music business - learn guitar

by Rory Carruthers,Christopher Bright


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In this game-changing book by Rory Carruthers and Christopher Bright, founders of Musician Success Academy, you’ll discover:
- How one silly mistake can ruin your chances of having a career in the music industry.
- The three obvious but rarely practiced daily rituals you MUST do if you want to be a successful musician.
- Two easy brain tricks to keep you focused on achieving your music goals.

In So You Want To Be A Musician, expert trainers and musicians Rory
Carruthers and Christopher Bright pull back the curtains on the music
industry and show you a simple 10-step plan for making an impact and
an income with your music. The lessons you’ve learned in life are about
to become your greatest assets - and your greatest legacy.