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Digital Marketing on Fire!: How to Position Yourself as the Expert, Attract Highly Qualified Buyers, and Grow your Business with Simple but Powerful Digital Media Strategies

by Frank Aragon


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Frank has always been passionate about helping people. This is what he decided to do with his life a long time ago in one capacity or another. He has risked his own life many times in the line of duty keeping others safe; now, he would like to put his passion and knowledge together to help others become safe financially. Frank became interested in digital marketing several years ago. He has applied the techniques he talks about in his book for himself and others. Frank has developed a strategy on how to position your business or profession for success. He utilizes the most up to date digital marketing strategies like social media, podcast, video marketing, and mobile marketing. Frank says that becoming an author is one of the most powerful ways to build credibility and position your business for success.