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Sold Out: Top Event Marketing Strategies To Create Social Media Buzz For Your Next Event

by Susan Ordona


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We, by nature, are very social. We love to be with people, like minded people, who we share a common interest.

Event, whether it’s a birthday party, a milestone or a seminar, a conference, a workshop….we love to hang out with people.

Even the not socially inclined ones still go to these events.

It use to be that when you want to attend an event other than personal invitations for parties, you would be looking offline, at the newspaper, you’ll happen to find out about it on the radio or from word of mouth.

Nowadays, in addition to those media, the online world just got bigger and bigger.

And one of the biggest online growth is social media!

In this book we’re going to explore how social media play a very important role in event marketing.

We’re going to focus on live events mostly, we’ll also touch on virtual events and by events we’ll be covering event marketing by creating social media buzz for seminars, conferences, workshops, summits.

I’d been promoting events by social media for some of the world’s renowned speakers on the side as I still have a full time day job as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

I get asked for marketing advise and questions every now and then, and so, to answer those and share those nuggets, this book was born.

This book is very practical and user friendly with easy-to-implement strategies so you can develop a blueprint for marketing your event in no time.