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Fit Life: Your Ultimate Guide to Fitness, Motivation and Attaining the Mindset to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

by Ernesto Benavides


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The no excuses resource to getting fit is finally here! Fit Life is written in two parts. The why and the how. The WHY focuses on two aspects of truly becoming fit and defines what living a fit life is really about. It goes beyond the physical workouts of typical workout books and goes into strategies of getting mentally prepared to not only start and accomplish your fitness goals but also achieve success in other life areas too. Fit Life goes deep into the psychology about why people are driven to get fit and how they are able to stay fit, eat well, stay committed and motivated and how you can acquire these tools, techniques and strategies in your own journey to getting in better shape. No fitness book would be complete without the what to do part. Fit Life's second section is the HOW. It is here where the author introduces the reader to the fitness program - what to do! After 20 plus years in the strength & conditioning world, the author presents resources to a safe and extremely effective way to becoming fit today. The book includes explanation of movements in a step-by-step take you by the hand fashion. More importantly Fit Life provides access to the key factors that are critical to reader’s fitness success: Mindset, Coaching, Community and Accountability. If you are looking to get fit and need get your mind ready, increase motivation and need a coach - Fit Life is for you.

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