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Cracking The Code Of Local Business Growth: 4 Easy Steps To Grow Your Local Business Or Professional Practice Within 12 Months

by Olivier Glaudy


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Cracking The Code Of Local Business Growth is a pulsing, articulate, plan to take your local business or practice to the next level. Local business and marketing expert Olivier Glaudy reveals the 4 key tactics to implement in your business or practice to experience a floodgate of leads, clients, patients and referrals month in and month in any economy at any time. Those keys tactics start with building a strong foundation with a 5-star reputation, then reach out to more people to broadcast that stellar reputation so they can pick you over your competition. Once more people become your customers, clients or patients, your job is to sell them more of your products and services and deliver a wow experience so they can become your evangelists going around and brag about you, your business or practice, leading to tons of free referrals beating the path to your door.

This book delivers invaluable information and essential practices for growing your business or practice exponentially..
Cracking The Code Of Local Business Growth is the book millions of local business owners and professionals have been waiting for.