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Rich Girl Poor Girl: How To Win The Money Game And Become Educated, Empowered & Enriched

by Nobby Kleinman


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Rich Girl Poor Girl is about two girls growing up as friends.
One in a family with riches and the other without. They go to school together, shop together, party together and then get married and have children around the same time.
The global financial crisis hits everyone hard as well as personal disasters. Divorce, job losses, money problems are just a part of normal everyday life. But is there a light at the end of the tunnel of doom and gloom and despair?
Is there a shining white knight with a solution to the problem?
You'll find out as you read through this tale of normal lives.
The stories are something which everyone is familiar with, and one which is constantly seeking a solution.
There is hope in an unexpected form and it shows how they learn to manage their money and create their wealth.
Do they all live happily ever after? It’s a fairy tale …. or is it?