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Destination Greatness: A Guide to Stepping Out of Your Uncomfortable Comfort Zone

by Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux


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If you’re really looking to transform your life, it’s time to step out of your uncomfortable comfort zone. You do know it's not really comfortable right? It only seems comfortable. When you know you're meant to do more, be more, and live bigger, it is nearly impossible for you to be comfortable. Here is a guide to get you out of comfort and into greatness!

Of course the above requires action, but first you need to ask the right questions. Then you have to shift your mindset.

If your mindset is mostly negative, i.e. that of a victim, poverty, "I'll never get ahead." You get the idea. Then you need this book, because it will help you shift into more of a growth mindset, a success mindset. And not in a traditional, what-you-hear-all-the-time kind of way. No, this will challenge you to think in a Steve Jobs, forward-thinking, get-through-the-worst-times-like-a-champ kind of way.

Business strategist, professional speaker, and author Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux provides this invaluable guide packed with success-generating questions, smart humor, and spot on insight delivered in a way only Rachel can. In Destination Greatness, you will learn:

20 Questions everyone with a growth mindset should ask themselves
The truth about affirmations and how to make them work for you
How an unforgettable tennis star used a devastating illness to have a major impact on others
How to get more strategic about personal development
What you may be saying to yourself that’s keeping you stuck

Sure, greatness comes with challenges. That still doesn't mean we cannot enjoy the journey to greatness. The author reminds you how to pack lightly and position yourself for another level of success – one you may have never imagined!

**With your purchase, you will also get an awesome FREE resource, including the 7 Indicators Your Money Mindset Sucks and What to Do About It checklist.**

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