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The Wisdom Of Love: How To Know When The Right Time Has Come To Send Your Dog To Heaven Helping You Heal Your Heart After Saying Goodbye To Your Best Friend

by Martina A. Becher


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Helping You Make The Right Choice For The Dog You Love And Being There For Him Right To The End
This book is for you if you are struggling with the hardest decision of your life. Your dog is terminally sick or old and frail and you feel it would be time to let him pass. But the thought of having him put to sleep tears your heart to pieces. Still you feel that you need to help him along his path.
This book is for you if your dog has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease and the vets are offering invasive therapies to make him last longer. You know that he will be suffering and you ask yourself how to be kind.
Having lost your best friend almost tore you apart, left you depressed, depleted and hopeless. You fear that the sun just isn't going to shine anymore.
Reading The Wisdom Of Love will help you find the answers you are looking for so that you can let your love guide you to do what's best for your dog. It will give you deep insights into your dog's soul and help you see the light again.
This book was written to guide you and comfort you, letting you know that you and your precious darling are not alone.

The Wisdom of Love: How To Know When to Send Your Dog to Heaven and And Helping You Heal Your Heart should be compulsory reading for all dog lovers. Every pet owner has at the back of their mind thoughts of how they will feel when the day comes that they have to say goodbye to their best friend, the friend that understands them like no other. With Martina’s warmth and empathy, this experience will be far less traumatic and far more hopeful.
I was moved deeply throughout the whole book, many times having to take a break to go and hug my own elderly dog. The Wisdom of Love: Knowing When to Send Your Dog to Heaven and Heal Your Broken Heart will take you through the steps of deciding when it is time to let your dog go, to saying goodbye, and finally healing from the grief. The inclusion of touching anecdotes provides warmth and companionship through this most heartbreaking and vulnerable time. A must-read and highly, highly recommended!
Anita Saunders, Editor

"This book is a must read for anyone stuck and struggling with knowing when it's time help the pet you love transition to heaven. I have an 18 year old lab I adopted seven years ago when my last remaining parent died. She's been declining in health and my inner voice has been urging me to help her transition for a while now. This book is beautifully written and the author's HUGE heart connected and touched mine and created the shift I needed to make. I recommend this book without reservation to anyone struggling to decide the right thing to do when you know in your heart it's time to say good-bye. Nancy Philpott