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Strategic Author Marketing: Best Kept Marketing Secrets To Everlasting Authority, Influence & Profits

by Christine Sierra Love,Trinity Publications Group


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Did you know that you have a 93% chance of failing in your business - if you don’t plan out a strategy that serves you...and your prospects?Did you know that if you don’t define a unique core message and experience for your business, you end up looking like, sounding like and acting like everyone else in your market so prospects have zero reason to choose you and your business?Did you know everyday you keep operating your business without a business strategy, you’re losing money...and you will keep losing time, money and resources until you put in place a strategy with a strong return on investment?Imagine if you knew exactly what to do in your business to get the most return on your personal and financial investments; while having absolute personal freedom.Well you don’t have to imagine it because you’re going to experience it as you read through the pages of this book.In fact, each section of this book has been re-purposed from previous articles, post and responses I have made; consequently, this is a strategic author marketing publication!Yes, you can become a published author and Amazon Bestseller simply from re-purposing your current content; including, webinars, blog post, tele-seminars, white papers, short reports and anywhere else you share your wisdom.Just know that no matter how desperate your circumstances may seem right now, by the time you reach the last page of this book, you will have a clarity on what it looks like to transform your content into a published book and Amazon Bestseller! Buy Now!