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Profit Propeller: Jet Propel Your Profits Now

by Gordon D'Silva


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This book is for business owners who want to increase their profits substantially.

Virtually every business I visit, is leaving money-making opportunities unexplored and untapped.

While nothing can beat a conversation with a business expert, this book will help you explore, exploit and enjoy all the hidden opportunities within your business model.

The simple, powerful, three-step process, will take you through to the creation of a powerful "Profit Plan on a Page", which will give you clarity, purpose, but most of all, results.

As an added bonus for buying this book, you will be offered other resources online, that will help add depth to your understanding. Through this understanding you have the opportunity to make the biggest difference to your business, short of having a Profit Multiplier Coach working with you.

The exercises within the book, will help explore the thinking you need, to take advantage of the simple tools in the book.

You probably have enough to do. This book will help keep you out of overwhelm, keep you focused, and keep you earning more money than you are doing now.

When used diligently, you can even double your profitability within 30 days.

If it's time you are after, then you will be able to use the skills acquired within its pages to become more effective, and have more quality time. Although the main purpose of this book is to help you make more money.

If it is cash you are after, then this book will help you increase the amount of money you make which will convert very quickly into cash, in your pocket.

Think about what it would mean to your business and your life if your income rose by 20%, 50% or even 100% within the next 12 months, and for years to come.

Welcome to Profit Propeller, part of the Profit Multiplier Program.

Resources for this book can be found here.

You can email with any suggestions or further information you would like to see included in the next edition, or another book.

The author Gordon D’Silva is an award willing accountant, and a number whisperer. Numbers in business talk to him, and the story they reveal help find hidden streams of gold within all businesses.

Immerse yourself into these pages and find the motivation, and tools you will need to grow your business to new heights. If you want help, the Profit Multiplier Group Coaching Program may be right for you.

Start with the book, and then accelerate your growth with the Group Coaching program.

See you on the inside.

Gordon D'Silva
Business Expert
Award Winning Accountant

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