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The Highly Effective Executive: How To Reduce Conflict, Inspire Action, And Make A Difference In Your Organization

by Anutza Bellissimo


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The Highly Effective Executive: The Ultimate Business Plan and Project Management Guide for 21st Century Executive

A step-by-step business intelligence and employee engagement guide for the new breed of CEO!

The Highly Effective Executive book is written to help you master business soft skills and understand how to improve productivity in your organization. This book is an overview of issues facing today's business owners and managers. Executives don't always have the expertise to manage the many employee issues they face, and yet they are expected to make decisions that are advantageous and practical.

Exceptional management skills are mandatory for a successful business. The Highly Effective Executive directs you past the problem and frustration to deliver outstanding and functional practices you can put to work immediately. Learn to minimize the cost of a breakdown in employee-management relationships and inspire profitable employee behavior.

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