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The Voice Of Success: Revised Edition: A Woman's Guide To A Powerful And Persuasive Voice: Includes A 60 Minute Video Voice Lesson (The Wilson Voice Series Book 4)

by Joni Wilson


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In today's competitive world, we all want to be heard and acknowledged for our contributions. As women, we want others to perceive us as the intelligent and strong, capable and professional people that we are, but even the most brilliant and skillfully articulated ideas can be sabotaged by a week, annoying, and grading voice. To get your• point across its essential to have a pleasant, yet strong voice that will demand attention, and get others to take notice of what you have to say.

Written just for women, the Voice of Success (revised edition), covers every facet of the female voice, with expert advice on how to minimize its assets and overcome any liabilities (including sounding too young or too old.) Voice trainer Joni Wilson has helped women through-out the world communicate more effectively and advance in their careers by showing them how to use their voices to get what they want, and make a difference in their companies and their communities. In this book she will show you how to command attention by conquering women's top voice complaints. With the easy to follow tips, you will discover;
•How to double your vocal power
•The eight deadly emotions and how they affect your voice
•10 ways to keep your voice young and healthy
•How to defeat the jitters (And Conquer the Stage Fright Monster)
•How to tune up your voice image to attract clients and make more money
•How to create the right voice for the office, public speaking, video, podcasting and livecasting
•How your hormones affect your voice and what to do about it
•How to create an engaging telephone voice to warm up the cold calls
•Bonus chapter: How to program your life and your Voice for Success
This book offers valuable exercises you can easily do at home or in your car.
As an added bonus; at the end of each chapter this revised edition of the original Voice of Success book includes a link to a landing page that will take you to a short video featuring Joni sharing additional tips, insights and exercises tailored to fit the information in the chapter. This personal Bonus from Joni will help you create a voice that will Demand The Attention you deserve . . . a voice even you will love,
About the Author
4-Times Best Selling Author Joni Wilson is One of the Worlds Foremost Voice Experts. Her books are read by enthusiastic clients all over the world and have been translated in Arabic and Korean. She is the creator of the 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System, THE cutting edge voice method that is changing the lives of Singers and Speakers World-wide. Joni has trained the voices of executives from major corporations to two American Idol Finalists. In her training she combines acting, speaking and singing skills of which she is a master at all three. She can captivate an audience of one, one hundred or one thousand with her amazing, never-ending knowledge of the Human Voice. In her 23 years of teaching both singing and speaking voice skills, Joni never stops learning, and loves introducing her clients to the latest, up-to-date singing and speaking skills.

Her formal training consists of Professional Acting Training at the prestigious Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, California and earning a Professional Digital and Social Media Certification from San Diego State University. Over the past 23 years She has also worked with, studied and taught some of the best professionals in both the entertainment and business worlds. She is internationaly recognized by her peers as a pioneer in both the singing and speaking voice techniques.

Joni's latest projects include setting up a video and recording station in her studio in San Diego to train entrepreneurs, authors, business owners, and entertainers in Video Marketing.
For information visit her website at or call Studio 54 @619-229-0726