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Decoding Destiny: How to use Chinese Astrology, to improve your luck & find out what Heaven has instore for you

by Siou Foon


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If you are looking for a simple book to understand ancient teachings behind traditional Chinese Astrology - Decoding Destiny Use Chinese Astrology to improve Luck and find out what Heaven has in store for you - is the book to buy. Tired of feeling stressed because of making poor decisions, wrong choices and ill timed actions? In your journey through life, are you on the path of great resistance? Did you know that your natal chart can show you a path of greater ease? According to the ancient sages "being in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time" brings good fortune. Carrying out "the right thing at the right time" is activating Heaven Luck. The efforts you made and the appropriate actions you took relate to Human Luck and "doing the right thing" is activating and improving Human Luck. If you are ready to get control of your life, Decoding Destiny shows you how improving Heaven Luck and Human Luck bring benefits. Personal Chinese astrology is made simple in this book paving the way to understand destiny.


Knowing your destiny and its codes is about understanding what Heaven has in store for you. It is being self aware of your Heaven Luck. The ancient sages teach that there are factors that can help you to improve your luck and meet success. They also teach that destiny is not carved in stone - however it can be decoded. The past cannot be rewritten - BUT there is an opportunity for you to improve upon it.

Life can be a roller coaster ride at times and at others it is a smoother ride. According to Chinese astrology when this unique underlying energy present at that point of time of your birth is decoded it will help you understand why your life is an uphill climb sometimes, and smooth sailing at others. The rough ride can be described as a path of great resistance and the smoother one can be referred to as the path of greater ease and with lesser resistance. These two pathways are open for you to choose once the code underlying your unique energy written into youris deciphered and analysed giving you insightful information about what Heaven has in store for you. Knowing your Heaven Luck is about understanding what your purpose in life is.