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Life Code: The True Meaning Of Life In 4 Words

by K1 Mirzaee


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Life Code is the #1 Amazon bestselling book in three categories (self-help, personal growth and philosophy) authored by K1 MIRZAEE, the #1 bestseller celebrity author of Secrets Of Success (13 International Experts Secrets To Success). If you're interested in living life to the fullest & breaking boundaries to get out of your comfort zone, then you need to get this L.I.F.E Code book right now!

In Life Code, K1 redefines the LIFE concept from a new point of a view to have a meaningful life focusing on 4 unwritten concepts of life and he also shares a four-part plan to give readers at any stage in life a blueprint to help them redesign any aspect of their professional and personal lives for the better. K1 breaks the plan down to focus on Legacy - Identity - Fun - Evolution, in other words LIFE.