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MIND over MONEY MANAGEMENT; Strategies Your Financial Advisor Won't Give You: How To Make Money Work For You, Get Out Of Debt, Relieve Stress And Make ... and Wealth Management Strategies Book 1)

by Robyn Crane


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What if everything you learned about personal finance was wrong?

Most financial advisors help you invest money you’ve already saved or invest any extra money you have left over at the end of the month. But if you’re like most people, even though you work hard and make decent money, knowing how to save money, is just as big of a problem as knowing how to manage money. Traditional financial planning and retirement planning don't help much when you’re struggling to pay the bills or racking your brain to figure out how to get out of debt.

In this book, Robyn takes a new approach to help you attract more money and stop sabotaging your success.

Through a proven system and process, Robyn teaches you:

- how to save money
- how to make money work for you
- how to manage your money
- how to relieve stress about money, and
- how to make financial planning easy

Regardless of where you are right now with your money, this book can impact your life.
No matter how much money you have, or how much money you make, these 10 principles will help you.

Whether you need help with money management, stress management— or you are looking for debt consolidation, this book will help you build a solid foundation to better your personal finances forever.

This book will both entertain you, and help you establish and/or improve your money habits so you can have financial security and financial freedom.

Packed with engaging stories and compelling examples, you’ll fly through this book and be ready to take on any money problem that comes your way. So when you do meet the right financial advisor, you'll have even more money to invest!

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