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Toxic Inflammation: Why You're Tired, Sick, and Overweight and How to Become Energetic, Healthy, and Fit!

by Chance Haugen


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Have you been struggling with life altering fatigue, weight loss resistance, digestive issues, not sleeping well, dry skin, depression, anxiety, or trouble remembering? Have you tried diets, cutting calories, exercise, detoxes, medications and supplements with little to no success? Maybe you’ve lost hope and just given up. In this revolutionary new book, Chance Haugen takes your hand and leads you step-by-step through the same process he used and has used with hundreds of patients to eliminate inflammation from the body.

Chance had to find ways to overcome many health challenges in his own life. He went to the medical specialists and despite their best efforts he still remained sick. The health issues were starting to interfere with his career as a chiropractor and he knew he couldn't continue adjusting if things did not change. After years of struggling with digestive issues, candida, fatigue, and weight loss resistance he decided it was time to try alternative therapies. He searched and found the best alternative doctors in the country and learned directly from them. His health slowly started to improve and he got his life back. Chance then took everything he learned and utilized it to help hundreds of people get their health back. He insists that people find the true root cause of their health issues so they don’t use supplements and medications to mask the real problem. He is an expert at finding what is driving inflammation and helping you eliminate it.