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HOUSE PRICE HACKS: Old school hacks, and new ones. A "How To" on researching, analyzing and pricing your home

by Ken Jelinek


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A long needed hacker's guide to analyzing and establishing the asking price for your home! These hacks give you a competitive advantage in negotiations whether you're an assistant, a new agent, or a For Sale by Owner.

Even after practicing real estate for over 20 years I must make myself viable and valuable to my clients in this brave new world of technology and rapid change. So, I've asked a number of local industry experts for books, strategies and programs on “how to price a home”. What I found were mostly high octane opinions and a few decaffeinated Do It Yourself programs. I thought you should have more than that so I wrote this book on pricing. Warts and all.

Are you in a sellers market or buyers market?
How do you determine the housing inventory?
Is price per square foot the only gauge to compare homes?
Where can I find the details of a home I want to analyze?
Which years did real estate prices drop and increase?
Doesn't the appraiser determine the price of a home?

Get the valuable answers to these questions and many more in this short easy to read boo!

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