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The Art of Selling Memberships: How I've Sold Millions of Dollars in Gym Memberships and How You Can Too

by Erik Charles Russell


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The Ultimate Sales Book for Closing More Gym Memberships and Making More Money.

A 5-Step Process That Anyone Can Master!

Selling gym memberships is a true art and like art you can create a beautiful masterpiece that brings you millions of dollars or you can be a starving artist. In this groundbreaking new book, you will learn how a man turned himself from a membership sales beginner into a membership sales master, selling millions of dollars in memberships along the way.

You'll discover:

  • How to ask the most powerful question in the universe to uncover your prospect's true buying motivations.

  • Techniques to prepare yourself for success both physically and mentally.

  • The reasons why people buy memberships (it's not what you think).

  • Ways to generate and close leads from the telephone, from walk-ins, from the Internet/social media, and from face-to-face contacts.

  • The only four objections a prospect will have, why every prospect has them, and how to overcome them with ease.

  • Three keys to doing a great gym tour and trial workout.

  • How to get a commitment and paid in full memberships.

  • The art of closing the hesitant buyer with closes like the "You Are Getting In Your Own Way Close", the "My Life Isn't Going to Change Close", the "Show Me The Money Close", and many more.

Who is this book for?

Owners, operators, personal trainers, and program directors of gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, and martial arts studios who want to close more sales so that they can make more money with less effort. In fact, anyone who is involved in personal selling of any kind will benefit from the knowledge and experience shared in this book. From handling leads to closing prospects, this book takes you through it all.

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