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High Value Online Marketing Secrets For Small Business Owners: The #1 Strategy To Replacing Skeptical High Income Consumer Prospects With Pre-Sold Ideal Affluent Clients Who Want To Do Business...

by M.G. Ong,Trinity Publications Group,Christine Sierra Love


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Did you know 71% of online consumers have bought a luxury item and 50% of Internet users buy between one to three luxury items every year -- according to a study by -- and if you do not have an online presence, set up the right way, you may lose all access to these affluent buyers?

Did you know marketing to the affluent audience doesn’t work well with mass media so you need a more personalized approach if you want to tap into the millions of dollars spent each year by affluent buyers?

Did you know the right strategy is the difference between getting more affluent buyers who are price resistent and penny pinching consumers who don’t want to pay you what your products and services are worth?

Imagine if there was a way for you to attract upscale customers who buy faster, buy more and refer their friends & family to you because they appreciate the value you bring to their lives…

Well you don’t have to imagine it because you’re going to experience it as you read through the pages of this book; so get this book right now...and join the conversation.