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The Reinvented Leader: Five Critical Steps to Becoming Your Best

by Chuck Bolton


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In a world of ferocious competition and disruptive change, businesses that don't continuously reinvent fail. Before executives can reinvent their businesses, they first need to reinvent themselves. Fewer than 5% of leaders are reinventing themselves. Leaders who don't reinvent themselves will eventually - fail.

What are you doing to reinvent yourself as a leader? If you work for a living and you aren't reinventing yourself, you've got a problem. Your career, your earnings, your dreams -- they are all at risk.

To reinvent as a leader is to consciously transform how you operate, connect and lead so you stay relevant, energized and create maximum value. Leading CEO coach Chuck Bolton shares five critical steps to reinvent and become your best as a leader. Want to flourish and thrive? Follow these five steps to reinvent.