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Super Brain: Maximize Your Brain Health for a Better Life

by Jay Sordean


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Your brain is arguably your most valuable asset. Your experiences are stored there, and your experiences and knowledge are your intellectual capital for use at home, work, and with friends. Given the epidemic proportions of Alzheimer's and dementia, it is prudent and smart to start doing the things required to keep your brain as safe and healthy as possible. That is exactly the reason for this book.
When my patients can avoid and mitigate the major reasons for Alzheimer's and dementia, and they are multifaceted, they can also focus on the other ways in which they can enhance memory, sharpen math skills, and improve their focus and fun in life.

Evaluating your brain status is a necessary part of health care, but most doctors do not do this in any detailed way. A cursory evaluation is done, if at all, and many doctors dismiss symptoms as "inevitable consequences of aging." But why are some people sharp until the drop, and other slump into early memory loss and then become unable to live on their own, demanding the care and resources of family members? This book helps you step by step to understand how your brain and nervous system develped, what factors are important to understand (like brain laterality, neural tube development, neurotransmitters, brain stem, survival brain, etc.) to protect and enhance your brain function to lead a better life.

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