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Outsmarting the Dementia Epidemic: 7 Key Memory Care Actions to Avoid Alzheimer's and Successfully Keep Your Brain Safe, Sharp and Sexy into the Future

by Dr. Jay Sordean,Jay Sordean


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Alzheimer's is found in 1 in 6 Americans. Maybe you know someone who has it or another form of dementia. It is an epidemic that is only getting worse. But you can do something for yourself now to make a difference, but most people just forget it and hope it never happens to them. Not Smart.

Ask yourself the one key question. How much do you value your brain? After all, remember that your brain is reading this description! Your brain is your greatest asset and should be treated as such. But neglect of the brain is even more epidemic and dangerous than the epidemic of dementia.

So, the status and functioning of your brain should be a high priority in personal health care. However, except for rare instances, your doctor may not bother to monitor your brain function until it degenerates significantly. And then it might just be chalked up to "normal aging." By then it is more difficult to turn around.

The Alzheimer's Association states that 1 in 8 Americans has or will have Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's and dementia are the 6th leading cause of death and 1 in 3 die with dementia. Will you be the next? There are 7 Key actions to take to help avoid ending up in a memory care facility or community. (In truth, there are more than 7 actions, but the actions in this book are the most important for everyone to address first.) Trained in multiple specialties, Dr. Jay Sordean outlines these actions that are essential to not only reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's but also to increase your quality of life in other areas of health. These 7 Key Memory Care Actions are also discussed in Dr. Jay's news talk Television segments he has appeared in around the country. They can be viewed at TheRedwoodClinic dot com /media-kit. Why does Dr. Jay bother to take the time and expense to publicize this on TV? Because Dr. Jay's mission is to prevent at least a million cases of Alzheimer's and there are still some millions of people who watch TV. Thus, the bullet point version of this book can be seen live in his news appearances -- the substance of the topic found in this book.

What are key issues to know about and address related to preventing and mitigating dementia and Alzheimer's? Things like obesity, overweight, diabetes, Type III diabetes, crusty brain syndrome, inflammation, removing toxins from the body, preventing toxins from entering the body, avoiding sugar, proper dental hygiene and dental care, activities to strengthen the brain like remembering people's names, nutrition, and many others.

Reading this book, filling out the surveys to assess where your health and brain status is, and taking action may be the best thing you have done to protect your health and brain. This may help you to avoid the end-of-life medical burden and potential for bankruptcy. This may help you pass on your financial legacy to family members instead of paying your hard-earned savings to medical clinics. Read this book in combination with the book "Super Brain: Maximize Your Brain Health for a Better Life" to take charge of this most valuable asset of your body.

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